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The strength of The Unitech Group

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Who We Are

The Unitech Group is focused on acquiring and growing niche composite associated companies with engineering and manufacturing excellence to create a portfolio of international companies that outperform the competitors in Execution.

Our current portfolio: Unitech Composites and Tods Defence is focused on composite design, manufacturing and tooling for the defense, naval and aerospace markets. Our integrated solutions encompass all facets from concept, product design, tooling design and prototype development through low and high rate production. We are the Standard in Execution.

The Unitech Group Goals and Expectations

  • Be the preeminent supplier of composite components for the defense and aerospace markets
  • Meet and exceed our customer expectations for On Time Delivery and Quality
  • Provide turnkey solutions to our customers by Solutions Together
  • The Standard in Execution for Composites

Our manufacturing expertise is simple: We offer Hand Layup, and Filament Winding composite manufacturing technologies. When the cured part is complete, we machine to the final dimensions using our 5 Axis CNC Machines with tight tolerance capability and assemble all components for the final product configuration. Finally, we inspect using our Non Destructive Inspection/Testing (NDI/NDT) tanks to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

Our Achievements

We’ve grown in the last 50 years from small companies making non-flight composite shipping crates and small marine components to producing critical Naval hardware and Flight components for the western fleets. We have large composite structures on the latest European Frigates and Submarines as well as critical blade seals, edgeband covers and helmet components on the latest fighter jets and commercial airliners.

Our Design & Engineering teams are eager to work with our customers to create new solutions and products. We’re excellent in converting metal components to composite materials and creating the tooling required to manufacture the parts. The result being better performance in terms of weight reduction, transmissivity, cost, etc. See our Case Studies section for some of our latest solutions.

Performance Goals? We can Build the solution
Specific Requirements? We can Build the solution
Precise Specifications? We can Build the solution
High Demands? We can Build the solution

While others talk about On Time Delivery and Quality, The Unitech Group lives and breathes this every day. We are singularly focused on customer performance and solutions together in order to be The Standard in Execution.

The Unitech Group

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